Karabiners, Connectors

Karabiners and connectors such as maillons recommended as suitable for use in group climbing. These products are chosen by our extremely experienced outdoor team and have been tested with groups. Our team at TrekCo take thousands of young people climbing every year in locations from The Peak District to the Alps, and are very much attuned to the karabiners that work with running a group session.

ISC HMS Alloy Karabiner

ISC Alloy HMS Krab £22.00

Petzl Am'D Triple Action £19.90

Petzl Am'D karabiner £15.50

Petzl Attache £12.00

Petzl Delta Maillon

Petzl Delta Link £4.50

Petzl OK oval karabiner

Petzl OK Oval Krab £11.00

Petzl Omni Karabiner Triple action

Petzl Omni £22.00

Petzl Oxan with Triact Lock

Petzl Oxan Steel Krab £8.50

Petzl Vulcan Large Steel Krab £19.00

Petzl William Screwgate

Petzl William £17.80

Steel Twistlock

Steel Twistlock with Fixed Bar £18.00