Group Harnesses

Climbing and high ropes harnesses for groups, based on the experience of TrekCo's highly experienced instructors. Products are selected for their ease of use in busy group situations and centres, durability and value for money.

Black Diamond Variospeed climbing harness for groups

Black Diamond Variospeed £40.00

Camp Bambino £40.00

DMM centre alpine harness

DMM Centre Alpine £48.50

DMM Tom Kitten kids' climbing harness

DMM Tom Kitten Kids' Harness £51.00

Petzl Aspir £45.00

Petzl Gym £39.00

Petzl Newton Fall Arrest Harness

Petzl Newton £88.00

Petzl Newton Easyfit Fall Arrest Harness

Petzl Newton Easyfit £115.00