DMM Super Big Jim Dynamic Rope

by DMM

Great durable rope from DMM, especially designed for centres and walls - we love this rope.

The Super Big Jim has been developed and tested with climbing walls to cope with the demands that modern climbing centres place on equipment. It combines a durable braided core with a thick, robust sheath. The braided core does not untwist and flatten with use, and holds the sheath firmly in place.

Braided cores are more durable than the twisted cores of modern dynamic climbing ropes, making them suitable for environments where high levels of wear will be encountered. Perfect for use at climbing walls and outdoor centres.

ThermoControl heat treatment alters the fibres within the rope, balancing the core and sheath to minimise slippage and prevent the rope shrinking or going stiff. This increases durability, and gives ropes supple handling.

Please note that this rope will come in a box loose - not on a big reel! That's just how DMM do things.

ColourDiameterLengthgms/mFallsImpact force% sheathConformity
Super Big Jim
Midnight Blue10.5m100m70g98.5kN40EN 892:2012
Super Big Jim
Midnight Blue10.5m200m70g98.5kN40EN 892:2012
Super Big Jim
Midnight Blue10.5m300m70g98.5kN40EN 892:2012
Super Big Jim
Burnt Orange10.5m100m70g98.5kN40EN 892:2012
Super Big Jim
Burnt Orange10.5m200m70g98.5kN40EN 892:2012
Super Big Jim
Burnt Orange10.5m300m70g98.5kN40EN 892:2012

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