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Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device

Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device
The Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device was developed and certified as fall arrest equipment to stop a fall of one person tested at 100kg.

The ASAP comes supplied with a Petzl OK Triact Karabiner

Mobile fall arrest device for rope

  • For use on a lifeline
  • Stops a fall, a slide or uncontrolled descent
  • Locks even if the device is grabbed during a fall
  • Works on vertical or angled rope
  • Moves up and down along the rope without manual intervention
  • Easy to install and remove at any point on the rope
  • Can be used with an energy absorbing lanyard

The use of a single ASAP to back up two people must remain exceptional and done only if these conditions are met:
Only for roped rescue work - emergency abseil pick-off of an immobile hanging victim
Only when all the risks of falling and shock loading (anchor failure, pendulum, sudden loading etc) are minimised.
Only when the operation is carried out by someone experienced in this type of rescue
Only when used in conjunction with Absorbica L57 absorbing lanyard, without an extension - no other lanyards are acceptable for rescue Full technical information about the Petxl ASAP fall arrest device can be seen at:
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Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device