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Petzl Newton Easyfit Black

The Petzl Newton Easyfit Black

Basic modular fall arrest harness with jacket for ease of putting the harness on

Basic fall arrest harness is compatible for connection to a fall arrest system with its sternal and dorsal attachment points.

In this version the normal Newton harness has a mesh 'jacket'  (JAK) attached which means that putting the harness on is like putting on a jacket and clipping the buckles - very simple; ideal for any situation where it is awkward to put on a harness or it needs to be done quickly.

Sizes: Please note that the Newton Easyfit in Black is only made in sizes 1 and 2 - the Size 0 is not available. Also, the Easyfit Black is only made as the International version. This means it complies with US, Russian and European regulations but it aso makes it about 10% more expensive than the standard 'Easyfit'.



Upper and lower straps are different colors to facilitate donning the harness correctly
A sternal and a dorsal attachment point for connecting a fall arrest system
Shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment
Two equipment loops with protective sheath
Work positioning on the side attachment points is possible with the PAD FAST waistbelt
Upright descent with the help of the LIFT spreader

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Petzl Newton Easyfit Black