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ISC Shear Reduction Block

ISC Shear Reduction Block
Known as prussiks in industry, these fixed wheel pulleys are often called SRBs and are used to reduce the strain on a rope by increasing the diameter of the turn at the top. Often used on high ropes elements instead of a karabiner or maillon.

The official name of this product is: RP063 Medium Stainless Steel Single Prussik 

This prussik has a fixed wheel (ie the wheel does not turn) and is designed so as to minimise the wear on a rope (up to 13mm only) by providing a large diameter surface for the rope to turn around. Typically the prussik will be placed instead of a karabiner of maillon at the top, hung from a cable or other belay point. One side swivels to allow for mounting on the cable.


Approved standards: CE EN 12278

Notes: Individually Serial Numbered

All Pulleys in the range Heavy-duty Prussik range have tamper-proof Rivets, in compliance with CE EN12278 (2007) & NFPA (1983)

These Pulleys are available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel, with Bushings or Roller Bearings.  Bushings are ideal for high loads at low speeds and
Roller Bearings are ideal for low loads at high speeds.
Weight 584 gms
Stainless steel; compatible with steel cable max 13mm
Min breaking strain 50kN
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ISC Shear Reduction Block