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Outdoor Footwear Advice

Here at the Gearshack we see people every day who are unsure of what to put on their feet in the outdoors. This isn't really surprising given that most of the worst and most uncomfortable days spent outdoors are often a result of blisters and bad footwear.

There is a great advice section at the website of the Ramblers' Association which we would be daft to replicate, so we haven't - check it out here

The only thing I'd have to add is that things have changed a lot over the last 20 years. We all used to think big clumpy leather boots were actually essential when walking on the South Downs, but in reality they're not at all. Runners often cross the Downs in trainers - why not? If you have been walking for a long time, chances are that your ankles will be strong enough that you don't need the support of boots and you can opt for the comfort and lightness of walking shoes or approach shoes. Personally if it's dry in Sussex I use trainers; if it's wet, Goretex approach shoes or even Goretex outdoor type trainers.

So don't think there's a 'rule' about this - like so many things in the outdoors, it's up to you. That's the joy of it!

At the Gearshack we don't sell footwear any more - this is just general advice.