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Edelrid Ultralight

Edelrid Ultralight
Every now and again a product achieves ‘classic’ status and that is certainly true of Edelrid’s Ultralight helmet. Conceived more than a decade ago, the Ultralight has remained one of the UK’s top sellers due in no small part to the strength of the shell material.

This strength was adequately demonstrated recently when in order to justify the replacement of helmets that had reached the end of their ‘Life in use’ a climbing wall returned 3 old and well used helmets to Edelrid in order that they could be put through the same CE test required to be passed by a new helmet before it is released onto the market.

Briefly this test requires that a weight of 5 kilos dropped onto the helmet from a height of 2 metres should not create an impact force onto the head greater than 1000 decanewtons, (A decanewton [Dan] is a unit of force roughly equivalent to 1kg.).

In order for a helmet to gain a CE mark, they must pass the above test, however the requirement is to pass the test just the once and certainly most helmets currently on the market will struggle to meet the requirements of the test more than once or twice. The figures for the 3 returned helmets therefore speak for themselves.
The first helmet withstood 9 tests before failure. The second helmet withstood 7 tests and the third just failed on the eleventh test with an impact force of 1029daN.
So the implication is clear, the Ultralight provides continuing strength and protection throughout its life.

Fits headsize 54 – 60 cm.
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Edelrid Ultralight